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Fun and Festivities Can Lead to Fire- Don’t Fall Victim to Decoration Disasters!

9/1/2022 (Permalink)

Holiday Decoration Planning Using Safety Precautions Leon County residents begin to plan for holiday decor early by using safety tips from SERVPRO experts.

Here come the holiday festivities, and decorating is top of the “todo” list! 

When it comes to decorating for the holidays, the last thing you want is a fire threatening your home, business, or most importantly your loved ones. Decorations are fun and festive, but keep in mind that if they are not properly done, they can be very dangerous and increase the risk of fire damage to your property. 

Remember to follow these holiday decorating fire safety tips this season, so that you can rest assured your family, friends and FUN activities are safe.

  • Choose decorations that are flame resistant or flame retardant. Halloween decor is not always safe, so triple check these items.

  • Do not connect more than 3 strands of mini-light sets at a time, with a maximum of 50 bulbs at a time, for screw-in bulbs.

  • Check the packaging of your lights. Some lights are only for indoor use.

  • Do not block exits with trees or other decorations that limit your access.

  • Dispose of your tree right after Christmas – or when it’s dry – and look for community recycling programs for proper disposal of your tree.

  • Dispose of and replace any string sets of lights that have worn/broken cords or loose bulb connections.

  • Use hanging clips or hooks, not nails, to hang lights so that cords do not get damaged.

  • Store any outdoor electrical lights inside once the holidays are over to prevent hazards and make them last longer.

  • Keep any lit candles at least 12-inches away from anything that can catch fire.

  • Make sure your tree is a minimum of 3-feet away from heat sources such as fireplaces, radiators, space heaters, candles, and heat vents.

  • When picking out a natural tree, make sure the needles are fresh, green, and do not fall off when you touch them. 

  • If you have a natural tree, water it daily to limit drying out and potential of creating a fire hazard.

  • If you have an artificial tree, confirm that it’s labeled, certified, or identified by the manufacturer as fire-retardant.

  • Always turn off any Christmas tree lights before leaving your home or going to bed.

  • We hope that you will find these tips helpful while you are decorating for the holidays. From the entire SERVPRO of Bay County team, we wish you a very Safe and Merry Christmas!

Call SERVPRO of Central Tallahassee at (850) 765-5706 for any fire or water damage restoration needs. We're Faster to Any Size Disaster and are on our celebration squad for all of your events and festivities! 

Fire Damage Steps You Can Take Before Calling the Pros

5/2/2022 (Permalink)

Fire Damage in Tallahassee Home Needs Restoration Services. Leon County Structure Receives Restoration From Local SERVPRO

Having a fire in a structure you occupy both impacts you immediately and in the long term as well. The first concern is understandably the confirmation that everyone nearby is safe and out of danger. The next concern that follows is property damage from the fire and smoke. One of the biggest challenges in moving forward is the lingering smell of smoke that serves as a constant reminder of the tragedy. Whether it is bothersome or causes physical uncomfortability, the smell of smoke can’t be ignored.

Full removal of the move smell is not as easy as a deep clean. The smoke is usually ingrained in the walls and furniture fabric as well. It’s not a one stop solution article that we have created here. What we will offer below are a few effective ways to get rid of the smoke smell in the home or business. Despite the feeling of despair, it’s important to remember that you are not alone, and we are one call away with experts that can assist the recovery.

The speed in which to begin to remove the smell is crucial. The faster the better is a great rule of thumb here. Large and lengthy fires leave black soot which has a strong odor and sets on surfaces. Softer surfaces, like carpet, curtains, cushions and other items that absorb the molecules.

The first thing you can do is air it out. Keeping the doors and windows open for at least a full day can help with the ventilation and have a great impact on the smell. Fans and other air-moving tools should be run at full-blast on the highest speed to get a leg up in the cleaning that will follow.

The next step that can follow the airing out step above, is to move into creating positive pressure. This is when the air pressure outside of the structure is greater than the pressure on the inside. What this does is allow the air on the inside shift to move outside. The way to do this is like so:

  • Leave your front door open- running a fan placed outside and blowing inward.
  • Close all other entryways and windows in order to save one that will act as a ventilator.
  • Turn the fan on full-blast for 15 minutes and then close the open door and window.
  • Repeat this routine with all structural openings- allocating 15 min to each. 

Another popular method is using baking soda. It is preferred by many that lean towards a natural method and it is gentle on the surfaces being treated. We suggest beginning with carpets by sprinkling baking soda on all of the dry carpets and using a broom to help it saturate at the deepest level possible. The baking soda, if effective, can neutralize the smell. You can repeat this process as many times as you deem necessary. All fabric-covered furniture can be treated in the same way as well. Leave it out overnight, and simply vacuum the remaining with a vacuum the next day.

There are plenty of other DIY-like methods you can find from numerous sources. We encourage all attempts to reduce the smell at a fast and low-cost rate. Still, it is usually the case that you can’t completely eradicate the smell without calling professionals. Experienced technicians at SERVPRO have access to industrial equipment that can go deeper than most methods. Unlike many services, our team is focused on offering cost- competitive, and experience elevated service to all of our customers and to leave your structure “Like it never even happened.”

Content Restoration is the Final Step to Getting Back to Pre-Fire Living.

4/29/2022 (Permalink)

Contents Restoration Specialty Serves Offered in Tallahassee. Leon County Residents Benefit From Contents Restoration Cleaning.

Structural Content Restoration Services Offered by Our Team of Experts.

A minor or medium scale fire usually causes damage to structural components that requires professional remediation. Unlike contents, structural components are fixed in place which can make them awkward to clean correctly. Gaps that can be penetrated by smoke but are tough to access also could create an odor issue in your home.

We provide expert restoration of cabinets, attics, lighting fixtures, insulation, windows & glass as well as drapery rods and fixtures that have suffered from fire damage in Tallahassee. Each of these structural components presents a unique challenge for restorers, and here at SERVPRO we continually develop approaches to ensure an efficient service from start to finish.

The kind of approaches we develop incorporate the latest technology as well as care and attention to detail. Chandeliers, for example, frequently require detailed cleaning due to decorative trim or color. Our technicians can use steam cleaning to restore onsite, or pack the chandelier down and send it for ultrasonic immersion cleaning. Once the restoration is complete, we can re-assemble it in its preloss condition.

Cabinets present a different challenge due to their fixed nature. It is also not uncommon for cabinet interiors to be unfinished woods which means standard wet cleaning methods could cause further damage. For the inside of your fittings, we can apply dry cleaning to remove soots and place odor neutralizing pellets inside the cabinet. We can also drill small holes to create airflow in case any residual moisture from the firefighting procedure is left behind.

Fabrics including curtains, furniture covers or clothes can often assimilate soots and become difficult to clean with household appliances. SERVPRO has Esporta washing machines capable of removing up to 99% of soiling from fabrics. We make an inventory of any items requiring a pack-out and can restore them to your property once cleaning is complete.

More about the TFD by clicking right here.

Simple Fire Prevention Steps That Save Lives in the Leon County Community.

1/12/2022 (Permalink)

Fire Damage in Kitchen in Leon County Tallahassee kitchen fire damage before restoration takes place.

Have you ever thought about fire safety in your home? Do you know about the handful of daily tasks that can put you at risk of a house fire? Do you know that cooking fires are the number one cause of home fires and home fire injuries in the United States?

Of course, home fires have a high likelihood of starting in the kitchen- more so than any other room in the house. The American Red Cross has reported a 10% rise in home fires in the past 20 years, and we expect to see a continuous increase moving forward. In fact, numbers show that every two and a half hours, someone is killed in a home fire, and over 20,000 people are injured in home fires annually. 

How does a family meal turn into a cooking fire? Much easier than you would think! Unattended cooking is the most common cause, and leaving cloth items near a burning or hot eye once the meal is completed. It an be prevented with simple steps. It is the most effective protocol to make sure there is a tested, functioning fire alarm in the kitchen area, and even better to have a fire extinguisher near as well. It is said that having the smoke alarm in the home reduces the likelihood of death by fire by half. 

Even so, the following steps can prevent needing to rely on the smoke alarm at all, and should be practiced in every home:

The first, and easiest practice to execute, is to never leave cooking food unattended.

It is imperative that someone stay in the kitchen when you are frying, grilling, or broiling food. It’s understandable that you may need to multitask during meal times in today’s day and age, so if you must leave the kitchen for even a short period of time, turn off the stove make sure to ask someone to watch it or go ahead and turn off the stove. If you are cooking, check the food frequently and set a timer so that you stay within the cooking time frame needed and don’t fall into burning the dish, Try to wear cooking friendly clothes- meaning items that hug the body. It is proven that wearing loose clothing or dangling sleeves while cooking. Of course, you should always aim to keep children away from the cooking areas. Creating a “kid-free zone” in the kitchen area is a great way to do this. A three foot radius is best no matter how old the child is- ensuring a safe distance from heat to hands is always set in place. Be intentional in keeping items that can catch on fire, such as pot holders, mitts, paper bags, plastic packages, towels and curtains, away from the stove or any other appliances that can generate heat. Be sure to clean cooking surfaces on a regular basis to prevent grease buildup as well. Regular deep cleans and kitchen checks are the best way to ensure safety over time. 

The most important item to have in place, at the end of the day and all of the item checks, is the smoke alarm. Put simply, smoke alarms save lives. Install a smoke alarm near your kitchen, on each level of your home, near sleeping areas, and inside and outside bedrooms if you sleep with doors closed. Use the test button to check it each month. Replace all batteries at least once a year.

Keep up with disaster tips from our crew at SERVPRO of Central Tallahassee.

Fire Damage- The First Steps You Can Take.

1/11/2022 (Permalink)

Fire Damage in Tallahassee Building The restoration process begins in Tallahassee fire damage.

Fires are one of the types of disasters that most think would never happen to them. For most, they are in stories that happen to other people and rarely are considered to be a close risk. While we hope this stays true for our lives, we must identify with the fact that it just takes one instance for our "story" to change.

Having said that, there are many things you can know that will help you in dealing with the consequences of a fire. In the following content, you will gain more insight as to what you can do to clean up fire damage and the things you should know before a remediation company, like ours, comes in to take over the job.

These tips may seem small, but they can go a long way in protecting your family and property so that you can return to your home to its' pre-fire condition.

In the cleanup process, the initial stages will involve removing debris, water, smoke particles and soot accumulation in the building and vents as well as removing and replacing all damaged items to remove the smell and improve air quality. The combination of these steps can be very time consuming and require an expert skillset and the knowledge of health and safety protocols. It's important that you realize that you don't have to tackle cleanup alone.

SERVPRO franchises are all equipped with experience and knowledge in fire damage and can take you through the process- taking the most challenging parts off your hands. Our goal is to remedy the disaster, so that you can focus on putting the pieces back together with what matters most- loved ones.

While we know the comeback process can be lengthy for you, it's equally important that you understand the time it can take for restoration to be complete, so customer patience is extremely important as well. Added stress doesn't help the cleanup process go any faster, so acceptance of the imperative steps is extremely useful. Our staff is here to help narrow the focus so that you can feel confident going one step at a time, one day at a time. 

The first step, in the case of a fire, is to call 911. After doing that, calling your insurance agent should be done immediately. The faster they can be informed, the faster restoration teams can come in to assist and prevent further damage. Insurance companies often need to come in and provide authorization to get the help we can offer. An instance that can offer an example: if there is structural damage to a home, water mitigation may tend to be brought in so that mold damage can be avoided. Once these steps are taken, your appointed agent should help to finalize and file the claim, allowing the work to begin. Once that happens, professionals can be called in and all of the belongings can start to be replaced and restored. 

The length of temporary stay may vary, but you will undoubtedly need a place to stay following the fire. Even a small fire will need to be formally inspected by the fire department and the cleaning and air quality must take place prior to your return. 

Even outside of the property damage, smoke and burned materials can cause detrimental health conditions, so professionals must be used in the process of discerning what to remove and what can stay.

Needless to say, if there is a large loss with significant amounts of damage, a long term housing plan must be put into place. If need be, your insurance company can help you find the proper housing needed while your restoration process is completed- which can take an upward of months before the end is met. 

When dealing with matters this impactful, your well being may be overlooked. Do not fall victim to lack of rest and clarity of thought so that you can make the best decisions possible even under duress.  For some, staying with family or friends is helpful and hard decisions are made more easily with their support. If these are not options open to you, there are disaster relief services, such as the Salvation Army or the Red Cross where they can direct you towards temporary housing as well.

Even when the fire is out, ash, soot, and smoke residue can be left behind. This means that even distinguished, there are many dangerous health hazards still lurking. Non-organic materials that are burned reals toxins called VOC’s that can have long-term effects and even lethal if they are ingested or inhaled. Some signs show up immediately after exposure, but many take lengths even reaching years. Even seasoned vets have faced health challenges when the proper precaution has not been executed. Everyone who enters the space post-fire should proceed with extreme caution when reentering a property. Even in cases where the fire department says there is no serious structural damage and you may reenter the property,many toxic chemicals may still hang in the air.

If you are unsure whether tools you should have on hand, check the The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Healthwebsite to see examples of protective gloves, masks, clothing, and breathing equipment with effective filters that need to be worn by everyone who enters a building after it has been boarded up because of a fire.

Fire Prevention Amplified During Holiday Season

12/16/2021 (Permalink)

Christmas Tree Fire Dried out Christmas Tree catches fire, causing local fire department to extinguish it on residential site.

The beeping sounds are plentiful, as we forge our way through holiday shopping and crowded checkout lanes! The season brings joy and celebration sounds all around. Still, the beeping sound you may not have checked for could save your life. That’s right, I am talking about the smoke detector BEEP!

In our great city, there is no excuse to be without the precautions made available to you. In fact the Tallahassee Fire Department offers two smoke detectors for each household at no cost to the residents. This effort is made most important due to the number of fire disasters reported each year. The holiday season is known to increase those numbers exponentially. 

Our local Fire Department (TFD) is strongly suggesting that the community residents keep a high regard for extra protocol during the holiday season. Added decor- including celebratory candles, Christmas tree lights, and greenery surrounding can cause more hazard than normal and the festivities surrounding can serve as a distraction. To ensure the education is effective, TFD hosts a Christmas Tree Fire Safety partnership with the State Fire Marshal with tips and tools for every household. They highlight the simplicity of the steps that can be taken and offer entertainment along the way.

It’s suggested that residents take on as many of the following as possible for maximum fire prevention:

  • Check Christmas trees for fresh, green needles. Dried out trees burn faster, so keeping your tree watered and moist is important.
  • Keep trees at least 3 ft from fireplaces, radiators, space heaters, heating vents and other heat sources. 
  • Don’t position trees in front of exits.
  • Check light strings to make sure they have no damage and also turn lights off before leaving and going to bed.
  • If purchasing an artificial tree, make sure you see the “Fire Resistant” label on it.
  • Use a fire screen in front of embers and logs and sure fires are fully extinguished after using them for leisure.
  • Check all batteries in smoke detectors.

While this information can seem like common sense at first glance, it is easy to forget or get wrapped up in the events, celebrations and busy days. Check out this Home Safety Survey provided by the Tallahassee Fire Department.

We are proud to serve our community with disaster relief and are honored to support the prevention tactics to avoid it as well.

How to Prevent House Fires: 7 Effective Tips

9/1/2021 (Permalink)

building on fire Tallahassee building in downtown Tallahassee on fire

How to Prevent House Fires: 7 Effective Tips

Houses fires are extremely dangerous and damaging. If you want to know how to prevent house fires, you should check out our seven tips right here.

It only takes 30 seconds for a small flame to become a full-blown house fire.

House fires can be incredibly destructive if you do not know how to prevent them from occurring and spreading. Not only do house fires destroy homes and belongings, but they are also responsible for more than 3,000 injuries in America per year.

Taking the proper precautions can prevent this from happening.

Keep reading to learn how to prevent house fires from occurring in your home.

1. How to Prevent House Fires in the Kitchen

One of the main causes of house fires is the kitchen.

This is unsurprising, considering that kitchens contain several fire hazards that, left unattended, can quickly cause a house fire.

Here are some precautions you can take to prevent a house fire from occurring in the kitchen:

  • Make sure flammable items are kept away from the oven, stove, and any other sources of heat
  • Do not leave pots and pans on the stove unattended when cooking
  • Keep cooking appliances clean of food splatter and grease

2. Maintain Your Outlets and Wires

Overloaded outlets and exposed wires are also common causes of house fires.

You can prevent house fires by making sure not to overload your outlets and to keep an eye out for discoloration or heat radiation. If either occurs, you should shut off the power to that outlet and replace it immediately.

Keeping an eye out for frayed and exposed wires is also helpful in preventing house fires. If you see a wire that is frayed and exposed, it is best to replace it as soon as possible. You should also avoid covering and pinching wires with rugs or furniture.

3. Keeping Appliances Away from Fire Hazards

Making sure your appliances do not overheat is helpful in house fire prevention. This can be done by unplugging your appliances when they are not being used.

It is also beneficial to make sure that appliances, such as space heaters, have adequate safety features and are at least three feet away from anything that could potentially catch fire, like furniture and curtains.

4. Keeping an Eye on Candles and Fireplaces

Never leave a candle or fireplace unattended in a room.

You can prevent house fires by making sure no flammable objects are near a lit candle or fireplace.

Some other ways you can prevent a house fire are:

  • Using a secure candle holder that is tip-proof
  • Blowing out candles whenever you leave a room
  • Installing a spark screen or glass door in your fireplace
  • Burning only seasoned wood in your fireplace
  • Cleaning and repairing your chimney

5. Smoking and Cigarette Disposal

One thing that causes house fires is smoking cigarettes without taking the appropriate precautions.

Proper cigarette disposal is key in house fire prevention. To properly dispose of cigarette butts, you can use an ashtray or a smokers' pole. You soak cigarette butts in water before tossing them in the trash.

Smoking inside your house should be avoided, but if you do decide to smoke indoors, make sure to take these precautions:

  • Be a minimum of 25 feet away from any doors
  • Do not smoke near anything flammable, especially flammable liquids and fumes
  • Do not smoke in bed
  • Do not smoke in your house if medical oxygen is in use

6. Be Aware of What Is Flammable in Your Home

Knowing what is and is not flammable is essential for knowing how to prevent house fires.

Some common flammable household items are dryer lint, potting soil, fertilizer, paint, and gasoline.

To reduce the risk of a house fire, you can regularly clean your dryer filter, keep potting soil and fertilizer in a cool area, and keep pain and gasoline in their original containers. 

7. Items to Prevent Fires

There are a variety of house fire prevention products you can buy.

Using a smoke alarm can more than double your chances of surviving a house fire. You can also buy fire extinguishers and a flame-retardant mattress cover to prevent house fires.

These items can help you prevent house fires from occurring and spreading.

Preventing House Fires

House fires can be incredibly dangerous and destructive, but by using these house fire prevention tips, you can reduce the risk of a house fire occurring in your home.

If you want to learn more about how to prevent house fires, contact us today to see how we can help.

What Are the Different Causes of House Fires?

5/28/2021 (Permalink)

man extinguishing fire in oven fire damage inside Tallahassee kitchen

What Are the Different Causes of House Fires?

There are several common causes of house fires. Our informative guide right here has the key things you need to understand.

In 2019, there were 1,291,500 fires alone. With so many fires occurring each year, it's no wonder you're here to find out what the most common causes of fire are.

The first step to preventing and preparing yourself for an emergency is to educate yourself about what house fire causes there are. Continue reading on to find out everything you need to know.

Cooking In the Kitchen

Many of us have found ourselves in a situation where we're cooking and then become distracted by the tv or a child running around. Unfortunately, for some people, the moment of distraction is enough to cause a fire to happen.

When you're in the kitchen cooking, you need to devote all your attention to what you're doing. Once you're done cooking your meal, you need to take the time to make sure that all appliances have been turned off and moved so that they can't be knocked over.

Turning off the kitchen appliances will also protect you and others when they come into the kitchen to do dishes or move the pots and pans from their original location.

Frayed Electrical Cords

It's important that once your electrical appliances that have cords become frayed, you either replace them or replace the appliance. The reason for this is frayed cords can cause sparks to fly, leading to an electrical fire.

It would help if you took some time to check your cords every now and then to ensure that there is nothing left lying around that can start a house fire. Another aspect that should be considered when it comes to electrical cords is faulty wiring.

You might not know that your home has faulty or old wiring, but there are some signs that you might notice from time to time. If one appliance doesn't work as efficiently when running another appliance, that might be a sign of faulty wiring.

Another sign of faulty wiring is a fuse blowing or shorting out when you turn it on or use it.

Smoking In the Home

14 out of every 100 people in the world smoke cigarettes. The issue with smoking cigarettes is everyone doesn't always put the cigarette out completely before leaving a room.

Cigarettes that aren't put out completely can easily start a fire. The way this happens is the lit ash could fall on furniture, clothing, or other flammable materials nearby, sparking a flame. 

A fire caused by a cigarette butt is responsible for upwards of 25% of fatalities caused by house fires each year. 


Candles make your home smell like the inside of a bakery or fresh linen, but were you aware that they can cause fires as well. Sometimes people:

  • Place the candle close to flammable objects
  • Leave candles burning too long
  • Leave the home without blowing the candle out

We aren't saying that you have to stop lighting your candles, but you need to ensure that they aren't near objects that can be caught on fire when you're using them. You also need to take time to blow the candles out when you're about to leave home.

If a candle catches fire in your home, it can cause quick and significant fire damage.

Small Children

Children are very curious about everything from the way the sink works to what causes the bright orange flame on top of a candle. Another common house fire cause is small children being curious.

This could mean the child accidentally turns over a candle that is lit or plays with some matches. The best way to minimize the risk of a fire starting in your home is to keep things that can light a fire or are lit out of reach of children.

You should always teach your children the importance of not touching things that are lit or playing with matches and lighters.

How to Prevent Fires in Your Home

The first thing you need to do to prevent a fire in your home is to prepare yourself and your family in case of an emergency. When your family knows the plan in place, it can help protect everyone and ensure that everyone knows what action to take should the fire happen.

Another way to take necessary steps to prevent fires is to check the smoke detectors in your home regularly. Your smoke detectors will be the first thing to alert you if there is smoke or other danger in your home that you're not aware of.

If the smoke detectors start blinking, that's a sign that you need to take some time to change the batteries. There are several other things that you can do to prevent a fire, but we've mentioned those things above.

You also need to take the time to keep your pets in areas where they can't come in contact with flammable objects or accidentally knock them over while playing.

Top Causes of House Fires

There are several causes of house fires that you might not have known about. Some of the most obvious causes of fires is the curious nature of small children as well as faulty wiring in your home that you might not have been aware of.

If you recently experienced a fire in your home and there was damage caused, the next thing you need to do is find someone to help with the damage that occurred. If you're ready to take that step, contact SERVPRO of Central Tennessee.

Not only do we specialize in fire damage, but we also can provide assistance when it comes to storm and water damage.

A Guide To Fire Cleanup Services And Preventing The Effects Of Smoke Damage

4/27/2021 (Permalink)

fire damage on ceiling fire damage inside Tallahassee restaurant

A Guide To Fire Cleanup And The Effects Of Smoke Damage

Are you the victim of a house fire and unsure where to begin? Fire cleanup services can help prevent the long-term effects of smoke damage on your home.

There were over 1 million house fires in 2019, responsible for close to 15 billion dollars worth of damage. If your home or business was subject to fire, you know how devastating they can be.

You also know how difficult the fire cleanup process is. Home fire damage cleanup can be expensive and time-consuming. Worse, some unreliable fire cleanup contractors can rip you off, even at this vulnerable time in your life.

Use this guide to plan your best course of action when it comes to your fire damage cleanup.

Take Stock

Your first step is to take stock of the extent of the fire damage. Your building could be salvageable, or it may be left in utter ruins. This will influence the overall cost of your fire cleanup. 

If the fire department used vast amounts of water to subdue the blaze, you may need both fire and water damage cleanup. For small fires, you may only need smoke damage remediation services.

Smoke damage can leave lasting odors. It can also cause structural and aesthetic corrosion in your home. Remedying smoke damage can be very hard and requires a professional.

Either way, getting an inspection and assessment is your first step in finding out what services you need.

Find a Reliable Fire Cleanup Company

You will want a name you can trust with a good reputation when it comes to your fire cleanup company. Make sure whoever you choose is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

You can use their online scam tracker to find any undesirable fire restoration candidates yourself. There are all sorts of unreliable fire cleanup contractors out there who will overcharge you or rip you off.

Some will promise you work and not complete it in a timely fashion, if at all. Many are looking to take advantage of your insurance company.

They know that people are vulnerable after a fire and willing to go with the lowest prices without doing proper research. Don't fall prey to this pitfall. Go with a name you can trust. Always look for a B.B.B. accreditation.

Rebuild Right

If your home was destroyed by wildfire, take some fire prevention methods to keep disaster from striking again. Create defensible space around your home and make it out of non-combustible materials such as brick.

Make sure to have a metal roof so that ember-wash doesn't catch it on fire. If your home was not destroyed by wildfire and was subject to a normal structure fire, there are still some measures you can take.

Replace cheap, particulate wood furniture with less combustible materials. Avoid reconstructing and renovating your home out of materials such as wood to avoid future fire risk. Also, have proper fire insurance for your home and land.

Call a Pro Today

After a traumatic experience such as a fire, you just want to move on with your life. To do that, you will need to finish your fire cleanup process. Your best bet is to call a professional.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment. That way, you can go with a trusted name in the business that guarantees you good results.

The Hidden Health Hazards Involved in a Fire Clean Up

2/4/2021 (Permalink)

inside of house with soot and burned furniture smoke and soot damage cleanup in tallahassee

Ever heard, "It's not the heat, it's the humidity"? When it comes to fire clean up, "It's not the heat, it's the water." Some of the worst damage after a structure fire can come from all the water that put the fire out.

On top of that, melted carpeting and plastic piping, exposed electrical components, and simple fire damage all present potential fire clean up hazards.

Turn to an expert for clean up after fire. They have the equipment and experience to deal with mold remediation, damaged structures, and toxic substances. Don't deal with hidden hazards alone.

Water Damage and Mold

Water damage after a fire is common due to both burst pipes internally and firehoses. Water may be standing inside the structure or have soaked into drywall.

Often by the time clearance is given to enter the property, water has been sitting so long that drywall, floors, textiles, and more have been severely damaged and may have developed mold.

Mold may cause health effects, so working in this space cleaning up could be dangerous. Professionals have equipment that provides safety in fire clean up.

Damaged Structures

Damage to the structural integrity of a building after a fire may be cause by both water or flame. Regardless, there are many weakened points in flooring, snapped off beams and framing, and exposed pipes and electric.

Cleaning up in these circumstances can result in falls or injury. Professionals are able to assess dangers and remedy them before beginning clean up.

Melted Plastic and Other Toxins

Buildings contain a surprising amount of materials that can become toxic or dangerous when burned. Vinyl flooring, synthetic carpets, plastic pipes, and fiberglass insulation all can release toxins and fumes when burned.

Some of these toxins can can be hazardous

Let professional approach these hazardous materials with the right equipment and disposal processes.

Fast Response Prevents Hidden Hazards

Working quickly when there is a disaster like a fire can prevent hazards from developing or becoming hidden. That's why SERVPRO responds quickly when called to fires and works to prevent soot, odor, or dangers from progressing inside an extinguished structure.

Does Insurance Cover Fire Clean Up Cost?

The last thing anyone wants to think about is the cost to clean up after fire. That's why SERVPRO of Central Tallahassee works with insurance companies to handle the paperwork and process claims.

Work with SERVPRO of Central Tallahassee for Fire Clean Up

After a fire, SERVPRO of Central Tallahassee is here to help with fire clean up. We provide both residential and commercial fire damage restoration, water damage restoration, mold remediation, and cleaning services.

We are a locally owned company with national resources ready to help you rebuild at disaster. Reach out to see how we can assist you or call (850) 765-5706 to get help 24 hours a day.

Fire Recovery: Always Throw These Things Away After a Fire

1/11/2021 (Permalink)

Fire damage fire damage

There are approximately 70,000 house fires each year in the United States. While these almost always result in significant property damage, there are also certain belongings that you should never try to salvage after a fire.

Not quite sure how to begin? We’ve got all the info you need.

Let's explore everything you should keep in mind when it comes to fire recovery.

1. Burned Clothing/Bedding

In the vast majority of scenarios, clothing and bedding will be completely destroyed by fire. But, you should also throw away items of those types that are burned.

The toxic chemicals from burning products often contaminate this material, which makes them unsafe to use in the future. For example, housefires involve the burning of many different types of objects, some of which are toxic when ignited.

So, you wouldn't want to lay down on a sheet or wear a shirt that has been saturated with toxic chemicals. If these items show any type of damage at all, it's best to throw them away.

2. Contaminated Food

Similarly, food can become contaminated just as easily. This is even true for non-perishable items, such as canned goods.

But, perishable foods also often become contaminated due to remaining at room temperature for too long. It's typical during a house fire for electrical systems to be affected, meaning that food isn't cooled properly in refrigerators and freezers.

As emergency responders put out the fire, your family deals with the aftermath, etc., it's typical for food to go bad in this scenario. So, throw it away to avoid any adverse health effects. 

3. Medication

This is something that many people are unaware of when throwing away possessions that have been affected by the fire. Most medication is highly sensitive to changes in temperature— there's even plenty of medication out there that has to be stored at specific temperatures.

So, exposure to high heat could easily affect the chemical nature of the product and make it unsafe to use. Depending on the type of medicine, dosage, etc., you may even experience adverse health effects by taking medicine that has been affected by a fire.

4. Cosmetic/Hygiene Products

Although not quite as much of a danger as medication, cosmetic and hygiene products are similarly affected by high-levels of heat. Even something as simple as shampoo or moisturizer could be harmful during routine use.

In many cases, this has to do with the chemicals from the plastic container contaminating the product itself as a result of excessive heat. A reliable way to tell if a product has been contaminated is whether or not the container is warped.

Proper Fire Recovery Can Seem Complicated to 

But the above information will make the process far smoother. From here, you’ll be able to ensure that you handle your fire recovery process exactly as you should.

Want to learn more about what we have to offer? Feel free to reach out to us today and see how we can help.

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Fire Damage Restoration Company

12/14/2020 (Permalink)

Fire damage fire damage tallahassee

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Fire Damage Restoration Company

Finding the right company to fix fire damage requires knowing your options. Consider these factors when choosing a fire damage restoration company.

A fire can leave you with a lot of damages and a lot of emotional trauma as well. Picking up the pieces and moving on is not always easy.

Getting your home repaired is an essential step that you will have to take, and it is often the hardest. Fortunately, if you employ the right company to do your fire damage restoration, you will see the process going faster.

Here is a look at what you should do to choose the right restoration company.

Call Your Insurance Company

If you have insurance, this is the first step to finding a suitable fire restoration company. A homeowners' policy will cover a lot if not all the finances that you will need to do a restoration. 

Your insurance company is also likely to have a list of companies that they work with to restore homes that have been damaged by fire. When your insurance company has its list of trusted companies, you will not have to worry about finding someone on your own. If you do want to find your own company, make sure they are willing to work with your insurers.

Fire Damage Restoration Steps

Finding out the exact process that a company uses to carry out restoration is critical. You need to know how the removal of the smell of smoke and the repairing of structural damage will be carried out.

Ask any fire restoration company that you are planning to use their exact restoration process. Once you can make a comparison, you will be better able to decide which company is right for you.

Do Your Research

Almost every company has an online presence, one of the things that you should think about is the reputation of the company. You can easily find this out by taking a look at their online reviews.

When taking a look at online reviews, you need to be objective. You need to look first at the positive reviews then at the negative reviews. Look at how the company deals with these complaints if at all. 

Ask Those Close To You

Ask your friends or family if they know anyone who has used a fire restoration company and let them recommend one to you. This will be useful if you have an insurance company and even more so if you don't have one.

Even if you can't find any close family or friends to help you make a choice, you should ask your fire restoration company for references from past clients. This extra knowledge will help you make the right choice.

Time to Repair

Fire damage restoration services are not all created equal. The best way to ensure that you get the best service is to know what you are looking for and to ask the right questions.

Once you have done this, you will find it easier to choose a company that suits your needs. If you would like fire restoration services, please contact us

Oh No—Your Home Has Suffered Fire Damage! Here's What to Do Next

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fire clean up fire damage clean up tallahassee

Oh No—Your Home Has Suffered Fire Damage! Here's What to Do Next

The emotional damage, loss of items, and sudden need to find a new place are just a few ways fire damage can affect you. Here's how to control what you can.

Over 27% of all reported fires occur in a home.

Fire departments respond to a fire every 24 seconds all across the United States. If your home has suffered fire damage, you might be dealing with a lot of uncertainties. There are so many different things to attend to that it can feel overwhelming, especially while you're still dealing with the emotional trauma of having lost belongings and potentially your entire home.

This article will cover a house fire checklist in an effort to help make it easier for you to manage the various tasks that need to be tended to. Keep reading to learn more about what you can do after you've suffered a house fire.

Find Somewhere to Stay

Even if your home only suffered slight damage, you likely won't be able to stay there for a few days. You will need permission from your local fire department officials that it is safe to re-enter your home. If you don't have any nearby friends or family that you can stay with, look into a disaster relief agency like the Salvation Army that can help.

Contact Your Insurance Company

As a homeowner, you will be responsible for contacting your insurance company to inform them of the fire damage. Every company is different, but they will advise you on the necessary steps to take. Most likely, they will want documentation of the damage. This means you'll probably need to take pictures and list all of the damage your home has suffered. Many companies send their own agent to assess the fire damage, but you should also keep your own records.

Replace Important Documents

If the fire destroyed your birth certificate, driver’s license, social security card, or other important documentation, they’ll need to be replaced. You’ll want to start the process of getting new copies issued as soon as possible. It can take several weeks for new copies to be mailed to you. 

Speak With a Fire Restoration Company

Get in touch with a professional fire remediation company that can help house fire recovery. Fire damage contractors have experience working with insurance companies and will be able to help you with the evaluation and documentation that will be required. This step should be high up on your list, as a restoration company will be able to help get you back into your home as soon as possible.

Tell Utility Companies About the Fire

If the fire damage was severe at your home, you'll need to contact your utility company and inform them of the event. They will have to shut off services to the property before any fire restoration and damage cleanup can begin. This is done to prevent any accidents from happening, such as electricity short-circuiting.

Begin Fire Damage Cleanup

Experiencing a home fire can be traumatic and overwhelming. However, if you follow some of the key steps we've listed, the task of dealing with recovery will be made a little easier.

If you need help with fire damage remediation, SERVPRO can help. We serve Tallahassee, Florida and the surrounding areas.

Contact us today if you have any questions or to request a visit.

What Happens to Houseplants during Fire Restoration?

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house plants on a folding table SERVPRO saves houses, contents, and even house plants from fire damage in Tallahassee

Green-Thumbed Tallahassee Residents are Concerned about their Houseplants

After a blaze in your Tallahassee home, there are many items you might be concerned about. If you are an avid grower, it is natural for your plants to be one of them.

Many customers who need fire restoration in their Tallahassee homes ask if their plants can survive a blaze. Plants are hardy things, and many can survive if they are still alive after the fire ends. Some damage can harm plants, however, so it is not always possible to save them.

Can you do anything for your plants?

While you are waiting for SERVPRO to arrive, you might carefully wipe the tops and bottoms of leaves with water or a very mild soapy solution. This will help remove traces of soot, and it will also prevent debris and grime from transferring from plant leaves onto your walls or carpets.

Did you know that potting soil can cause fires?

SERVPRO of Tallahassee customers are often surprised to learn that house plants could be a fire risk! It is not the plants themselves that are the risk, but the potting soil. Modern soils often contain flammable substances such as:

  • Polystyrene
  • Peat moss
  • Wood chips

If a spark ignites near these substances, it can combust. For example, people might put out cigarettes in plant soil or use it as a temporary incense holder. These innocuous actions can create a house fire.

What can you do to prevent your potting soil from starting a fire?

There are several steps you can take to reduce the risk of potting soil fires:

  • Keep it damp and do not let your plants dry out
  • Do not use plant pots as ashtrays or incense holders
  • Store flammable cleaning materials away from houseplants
  • Use clay pots for houseplants as they are more fire-resistant than plastic

Does restoration affect houseplants?

Most restoration procedures do not affect houseplants as we can move them out of the way or work around them. However, ozone machines are not plant-friendly.

We use ozone generators after a fire to help with deodorization. Ozone has three oxygen molecules. When it comes into contact with contaminants such as soot, it binds to the particles and changes their chemical composition. Over some time, these chemical changes lead to odor removal, so your home smells “Like it never even happened.”

Ozone generators are a powerful tool; however, they are not safe for use around plants. Ozone can cause damage when plants breathe it in. It is also not a good idea to use it around you, your family, or your pets. That is why we only use ozone after evacuating the area and removing all the houseplants. We will let you know when it is safe to come back, and when it is safe to bring your plants back too.

What other personal belongings can SERVPRO clean?

Customers are often concerned that they will have to toss most of their belongings after a fire. However, this is not true. Yes, if an item has been burned and badly damaged, we cannot do much. But if the main issue is soot stains or being waterlogged with firehose water, we can clean and restore many items. We have saved our customers’ wooden furniture, upholstery, rugs, toys and games, craft materials, kitchen utensils, and even clothing and accessories.

Some items require HEPA vacuuming or dry scrubbing, while others need wet wiping. We have powerful ultrasonic cleaners for small items such as utensils and keepsakes, including jewelry and soft toys. We can send textiles, linens, and clothes to our facility for specialist washing.

What else can SERVPRO help with after a fire?

Of course, your houseplants are just one concern after a fire. Thankfully SERVPRO is here to help you with:

  • Removing standing water from fire hoses and drying out damp areas to reduce the risk of mold growth
  • Securing your home so our restoration team can safely work within it, including tarping the roof, boarding up windows, and setting up a safe electricity supply
  • Sorting through your possessions and letting you know what we can salvage and what needs to be tossed
  • Cleaning soot residue from the walls, floors, and ceilings of your home

If your home needs structural repairs, our team will oversee them. We can call in specialists such as plumbers and electricians as necessary.

After we have finished the restoration, we deodorize your home. As mentioned, ozone generators are one method. We can also use air scrubbers, carbon filters, odor-eating compounds, and wet or dry fogging to remove stubborn smoke smells.

If you are concerned about your plants and any other belongings after a fire, call SERVPRO of Tallahassee at (850) 765-5706.

Can Things in My Fire-Ravaged Home Be Restored?

9/14/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO sales vehicle with city background Here is the first step to restoring your fire damaged Tallahassee property--SERVPRO swiftly at your home for an assessment and proposal

SERVPRO Handles Fire Damage to Ensure We Restore Rather Than Replace Wherever Possible in Your Tallahassee Home

It is normal to feel a bit overwhelmed and lost once you have a house fire. SERVPRO's Green Fleet can be at your Tallahassee property within hours to begin the restoration efforts once first responders give us the go-ahead to enter. We utilize proven methods and damage cleanup planning to get you back into your home quickly. This is why you can trust our crew; We're Faster to Any Size Disaster!

With any fire damage in Tallahassee, many factors play a role in whether something can get restored or if a full replacement is best. Our fire and smoke restoration technicians (FSRT) have the training necessary to determine salvageability, and we use the latest equipment to aid in the restoration process. Some factors that we take into consideration for restoring items include:

  • The level of heat
  • The types and ages of surfaces
  • The amount of moisture
  • The air pressure within the space
  • The types of materials that burned, and more

Will Everything Be Okay?

No matter what, we want to assist with this process so that you can feel confident that everything will be okay. Steps that you might need to take when dealing with life after a fire include:

  • Contact your insurance agent to let them know the fire took place. SERVPRO is available to help facilitate the claims process, ensuring your paperwork is in order, including a detailed inventory of the loss.
  • Securing your property is critical. We offer tarping and board up services to protect your interior from the elements as well as trespassers.
  • Know that your fire-damaged home's cleanup will take time, but we have perfected our processes to get it done sooner so that your life can resume as normal.
  • Take a deep breath and know that our team at SERVPRO is here to make it "Like it never even happened."

When it comes to fire damage, you want the right team for the job using best practices for restoration. SERVPRO of Central Tallahassee is always here to help by calling (850) 765-5706.

How Do I Get My Walls and Ceilings Cleaned After a Fire?

8/14/2020 (Permalink)

Smoke damaged wall and ceiling Smoke damage on walls is difficult to remove. SERVPRO has the know-how to restore your home and make it, "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Technicians can Identify and Choose the Best Cleaning Methods for Fire Damage in Tallahassee Homes 

Even a small-scale fire in your home can leave behind copious amounts of smoke and soot to clean up. Walls and ceilings are often affected, and removal of the sheetrock is not the only course of action if the proper restoration methods are applied. SERVPRO technicians arrive quickly and scope where the fire happened to determine the type of smoke damage, so the correct cleaning methods get used. For example, if liquid cleaners come into contact with dry smoke left by a high heat fire, it can drive the residues more deeply into the surface and ruin the potential for restoration.  

Can Fire Restoration Services Get Rid of the Pungent Odors?   

The primary fire restoration service in Tallahassee homes that SERVPRO delivers include:   

  • Detailed scoping of the property to identify the scale of the damage
  • Removal of articles and building materials with no recovery potential
  • Testing residues and choosing the correct cleaning method for surfaces
  • Odor control applications performed as needed  

The Challenge of Creating a Safe Work Conditions  

Safety for all is a priority for SERVPRO. Often, it is best if the property owners relocate temporarily during the fire damage mitigation. The techs also scope the property to determine any existing hazards. The best way to eliminate them, such as controlled demo to remove sagging ceilings or support beams that received too much damage from the fire. Additionally, because soot can be an irritant, the techs wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to create a barrier between the airborne particulate and themselves to avoid skin contact and aspiration. 

When you need fire restoration services of any size, call SERVPRO of Central Tallahassee at (850) 765-5706. The certified technicians proudly serve local properties that need cleanup after a fire.  

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A Fire Has Ruined My Home. Who Do I Turn to for Help in Restoring it?

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Kitchen after a fire Homeowners have to deal with many things which may include fire damage. Contact SERVPRO right away.

Call SERVPRO Franchise Professionals to Handle the Fire Damage in Your Tallahassee Home

A fire can inflict severe damage to your house and its remnants like smoke residues, chemical retardants, and ash may cause further destruction. It is, therefore, vital to call licensed professionals to mitigate the fire damage. Experienced professionals from SERVPRO can restore your Tallahassee home to its original condition.

Can I go back to my house after fire damage?

In the aftermath of fire damage in your Tallahassee residence, it may seem safe for you to go back to your house to assess the damage. After all, the worst part is over, right? Wrong. You must let an expert determine the safety of the structure before you go back in. The effects of the fire may last long after the fire itself has died away, posing a risk to your health and safety.

Why is smoke dangerous?

Smoke can be dry or wet based on how hot the flames of a fire are and the type of particles it releases. Whether it is wet or dry smoke, the particles may contain various chemicals. Wet smoke creates an oily residue that can penetrate and get into varnishes and surfaces. It can be challenging to clean wet smoke, and once it makes its way into a building’s pockets. Dry smoke forms a powdery residue that may coat surfaces. When smoke interacts with surfaces, they can continue discoloring or weakening. Eliminating and cleaning smoke residues from a home quickly helps prevent costly secondary damage.

Can I stay in the house during the restoration process? 

It is a common practice to find accommodation at another place while the restoration process is taking place. However, this mainly depends on the extent of fire damage. If the fire only affected a small area of your home, you can stay there while we restore the house.

What takes place during fire damage restoration?

Our technicians carry out a comprehensive assessment of the damage. We identify the affected areas, create a detailed restoration plan, and explain what needs to be done to restore the property to its former condition. Some of the things we can do to restore your home include:

Removing smoke residues

Cleaning smoke-affected areas

Performing water damage restoration procedures

Cleaning smoke-affected furnishings

Removing smoke odor to make the home more habitable

Proper waste disposal

Our SERVPRO team can ensure that the restoration process does not take any longer than it needs to be. The extent of the destruction is what determines the timeframe required to clean and restore a house.

After a fire loss incident, you need help from experienced restorers. SERVPRO of Central Tallahassee can help you to manage the fire damage. You can reach us at (850) 765-5706.

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How Do I Get Rid of Protein Fire Damage in My Kitchen?

5/28/2020 (Permalink)

fire extinguisher spray co2 SERVPRO Says keep a fire extingusher under your sink to prevent or mitigate fire damage in your Tallahassee

SERVPRO Technicians Have Specialized Cleaners Available to Restore Your Tallahassee Home After Fire Damage

Kitchen fire damage is easily the most common type that occurs in homes today and accounts for an estimated 49% of home fires in Tallahassee. On top of that, residues and odors from the fire can be dispersed throughout your home through your vents, leaving you with more cleanup than you can easily handle.

If you need a team that can respond quickly to fire damage in your Tallahassee home’s kitchen, SERVPRO technicians are prepared to help. This crew offers both fire and water damage mitigation tools, as well as rebuilding services, to return your home to a safe and comfortable preloss condition.

What Type of Fire Extinguisher Is Best for Kitchen Fire Damage?

  • Stick to a lightweight extinguisher. A five-pound extinguisher may run out faster, but it will be easier to carry and use when you need it.
  • Type B is the way to go. Type A extinguishers are made to tackle fires caused by conventional solids like wood and paper. Type B, on the other hand, is targeted at oil and grease fires in homes. Some homeowners might prefer Type K, but these extinguishers are designed for commercial kitchens.
  • Consider more than one extinguishing method. Try installing a small magnetic extinguisher to put on your range hood that automatically dispenses baking soda upon exposure to flame. If your range hood is not magnetic, many brands offer mounting kits to accommodate you.

How Does SERVPRO Remove Fire Damage Residues from My Kitchen?

SERVPRO technicians use a broad selection of tools to address different types of fire damage residues. For example, protein residues require specialized enzyme digesters to convert these foul-smelling, filmy coatings into water-soluble byproducts. These cleaners remove the protein enzymes that can cause odors to aid in odor control efforts.

SERVPRO of Central Tallahassee is ready to leave your kitchen looking, “Like it never even happened.” Call (850) 765-5706 for cleanup that can begin within hours.

Fire-Damaged Materials in Tallahassee Require SERVPRO's Expertise for Neat Removal

2/22/2020 (Permalink)

burned out destroyed kitchen from a fire SERVPRO Says--Careful Removal of Charred Debris in a Tallahassee Home Can Mitigate the Damage and Restoration Process

Different Materials Commonly Removed During Fire Debris Cleanup in Tallahassee

It is easy to imagine the outcome of a fire incident in Tallahassee as a situation requiring the removal of charred materials and fine debris such as ash and soot. However, fire rubble cleanup may require more since a fire incident and the restoration process that follows cause a variety of damages.

The fire debris cleanup processes in Tallahassee depends on factors such as the intensity of the fire, the speed of the response to the incident, and the duration it takes to put out the fire. An intense fire that burns over an extended period may consume most materials leaving higher volumes of ash, soot, and other fine debris. If the efforts to put out a fire take longer to neutralize it, the percentage of secondary damage by water is likely to be higher. Our SERVPRO technicians scope a site to establish the kind of damage present.

Some common debris to remove after a fire incident includes:

  • Wet drywall and insulation
  • Air ducts, plumbing, and electrical lines
  • Contents charred by the flames or damaged by water
  • Aggregated soils including ash, soot, and other small materials

Apart from identifying what to remove, there is a need to determine the best time to remove these materials. In many cases, fire incidents lead to the disconnection of power in the affected property, which leaves the property without heating or air conditioning. There is a need to remove all wet materials within 72 hours to minimize the chances of microbial growth, which can present a different set of problems. Our SERVPRO teams have enough crewmembers to facilitate such fast removal.

Proper management of the debris during the removal is essential to avoid creating secondary problems. Our SERVPRO technicians use large trashcans and heavy-duty plastic bags to collect the debris as we remove it from the damaged area, which ensures it does not scatter outside the property, easing disposal.

Staging areas to organization and store equipment and containment barriers around the burned areas significantly reduce the chance of cross-contamination. Soot can readily circulate on air currents without the proper precautions in place.

Fire incidents can leave mountains of waste in your property. Call SERVPRO of Central Tallahassee at (850) 765-5706 to help with the cleanup, making it, "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Cleans Fire-Damaged Properties in Tallahassee from Foundation to Roof Including Smoke Odors

1/11/2020 (Permalink)

dirty, sooty HVAC register on ceiling Tallahassee Home Have Fire, Smoke, and Soot Problems? Even Foul Odors? Call SERVPRO!

Fire Damage in Your Tallahassee Home May Necessitate Cleaning of the HVAC System

Many building materials and items in a Tallahassee house can sustain damage after a fire. Residual smoke damage is typical after such an incident. SERVPRO has a comprehensive fire and smoke damage restoration process that can restore your home to its usual condition.

We can take the correct steps to clean up the smoke residues from your home and its ventilation system. Our restorers can use specialized cleaning tools and equipment to handle the fire damage in your Tallahassee property. We can apply restoration products that can remove smoke stains, soot, and odors.

Our smoke damage specialists can eliminate smoke damage and odors caused by dry smoke, wet smoke, fuel oil smoke, and protein smoke. HVAC ventilation systems can also sustain smoke damage. The HVAC system’s ductworks can spread residues throughout your home by distributing hot and smoke-filled air. Our team can inspect your HVAC system to check for smoke residues. We can check for the extent of the damage by considering the type of residues in the system, if they are heavy, moderate, or light and if smoke smells are present. We can perform HVAC cleaning if there are moderate to heavy smoke residues in it.

Cleaning contaminated ducts can prevent them from distributing smoke particles back into your restored home when you operate the HVAC system. Our HVAC and duct cleaning services can eliminate smoke residues from ductwork and the ventilation system to ensure that you breathe clean air. Our team can take the following steps:

  • Inspect the conduits in your air duct system.
  • Clean the air duct system if necessary
  • Clean the blower fan, drain pan, and coils.
  • Apply environmentally safe solutions to decontaminate and sanitize your ventilation system
  • Seal the ducts if it is not possible to clean them effectively during the restoration

We can also use high-efficiency particulate (HEPA) filters to help purify the air during the cleanup process. HEPA filters can capture smoke particles, which are as small as 0.3 microns in size. HEPA filtration is useful when restorers have demolished hazardous materials during the fire damage mitigation process. These devices can also have attached carbon filters to defeat malodors.

Besides using HEPA filters to eliminate smoke particles from the air, our restorers can also use HEPA vacuuming to capture and remove fine particles from surfaces. We can vacuum the surfaces before cleaning them with detergents to prevent the spread of the smoke particles. HEPA vacuuming is also useful in removing smoke particles that could have settled in crevices and cracks.

After extinguishing a fire successfully, call SERVPRO of Central Tallahassee at (850) 765-5706. We can handle your fire clean-up and repairs professionally to your peace of mind and satisfaction.

We Are Available 24/7 For All Your Tallahassee Fire Damage Restoration Needs

11/27/2019 (Permalink)

Charred attic trusses, debris on floor with an air scrubber We have the expertise and equipment available to restore your home right away. Call our experts right away to prevent further damage.

A Restorative Mindset Saves Time and Expense After Tallahassee Fire Damage

It can be difficult for a Tallahassee homeowner to imagine that anything short of rehabbing back to the studs can return a fire-ravaged house to “Like it never even happened.” Fire residues are pervasive, bad-smelling, and often adhere to surfaces tightly. Even though recovering from the full range of issues in the aftermath might seem impossible without significant tear-out and rebuilding, we have strategies that can deliver desired results without increasing the disruption for you and your family.

Restoration Services Save Time and Money

The most expensive option considered by insurance adjusters evaluating fire damage in Tallahassee is replacement. Resurfacing is a close second in cost, requiring repainting, reupholstering, and refinishing wood surfaces. In contrast, our team uses deep-cleaning products and techniques based on research-based principles and elements of cleaning that cost merely a fraction of estimates for significant demolition and rebuilding. A restorative lens also minimizes the amount of time your home suffers from the effects, avoiding weeks or months of remodeling.

Principles of Cleaning

Always focusing on restoring materials to preloss condition, SERVPRO crews follow a proven protocol to assess and respond to fire damage.

  • Inspect with care to locate all residues throughout the entire structure
  • Identify the characteristics of the residues (soot), which vary even within the same space
  • Consider the types of surfaces affected
  • Determine the proper cleaning methods and products based on the types of soot and surfaces involved, mindful of the ability of surfaces to withstand cleaning processes
  • Release and remove the residues from affected surfaces
  • Dispose of the fire and cleaning residues properly 

Elements of Cleaning

While carrying out the steps needed to complete the cleaning tasks, SERVPRO technicians consider and apply the following four fundamentals affecting the efficacy of their efforts.

  • Adjusting temperature to increase the speed of the chemical reactions between cleaning products and residues intended to remove the soiling -- always keeping the durability of the surface in mind
  • Adding agitation to disperse cleaning solutions and dislodge residues
  • Understanding the chemical reactions offered through the use of a range of cleaning products, guiding the selection of the proper product for different fire residues and surfaces
  • Planning for adequate dwell times for professional cleaning and deodorizing products to work as intended

SERVPRO of Central Tallahassee pledges to use the most up to date products and best industry practices to restore your home after fire damage. Call round the clock every day of the year to set up an assessment at (850) 765-5706.

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How SERVPRO Restores Your Fire Damaged Tallahassee Business

10/22/2019 (Permalink)

Firemen on ladder extinguishing second story fire As soon as the fire is extinguished, we begin the clean up process.

Addressing the Fire Damage Within Your Tallahassee Business 

When your Tallahassee business suffers a fire, any synthetics bring about black, toxic smoke while burning. The oils, gases, and smoke permeate all of the porous materials within the building. You should contact professionals right away to assess and tackle the fire damage as quickly as possible. 

Calling SERVPRO for fire damage to your Tallahassee business helps to ensure your interior materials get proper cleaning right away. Such materials include concrete, wood, office furniture, carpets, and paperboard. However, another major area that needs addressing is the HVAC system that runs throughout your building. We are well-versed and trained for commercial fire damage at SERVPRO. Our knowledgeable technicians possess the experience necessary to start your HVAC system cleaning to get it back to normal.

Once we arrive at your Tallahassee property, we start working to clean all of the soot, paying attention to every surface. We employ innovative hydroxyl generator technology to help clear out all of the soot and smoke contamination from the ambient air. Decontamination methods clean the air as we work to remove anything found inside the ducts, including soot deposits

Some buildings feature locations where it is difficult to clean the ventilation ducts while using traditional methods. In this case, SERVPRO technicians work to seal off the inside of the ducts to keep the contaminants contained and prevent them from entering the facility. Containment is done using an aerosol sealant deployed by way of a ULV (ultra-low volume) fogger. 

Technicians force the aerosol sealant fog into the ducts of the HVAC system beginning at the point where the air exits typically. Streaking and drip prevention takes place by using intermittent bursts. Our SERVPRO team starts with intake vents and work until we properly seal all vents. Air at room temperature dries this sealant and keeps particles from loosening and getting into the air that your employees or visitors breathe. 

At SERVPRO of Central Tallahassee, we have the experience and technology necessary to address commercial fire damage. Give us a call today at (850) 765-5706, and we can send technicians out as soon as possible. 

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Our Certified Professionals Are Ready To Restore Your Tallahassee Home

8/7/2019 (Permalink)

We have the equipment, expertise and experience to restore your home after a fire. Call us right away to prevent further damage.

Odor Removal Tools for Fire-Damaged Tallahassee Homes

Fires that affect Tallahassee homes often come with multiple layers of damaging effects for homeowners to overcome. As overwhelming as these circumstances can be, there are ways that you can work to resolve some of the pressing and challenging lingering symptoms on your own with the right equipment and products. Knowing what you need for aspects like deodorization can help the process to complete more efficiently and to be more successful in the end. By looking at the tools that our SERVPRO team uses for this niche of fire recovery, you can too acquire some of this odor removal equipment for your property. 

Fire damage in Tallahassee might feel overwhelming at first, especially with various obstacles all present at the same time. Our SERVPRO team has certified Fire & Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT), many with additional endorsements as Odor Control Technicians (OCT), so we have experience and industry-leading equipment to make a difference quickly should you decide it is too much to handle on your own. Part of our success in fire recovery over the years stems from our ability to manage symptoms like lingering smoke odors amid these other effects. 

Regardless of the severity of fire damage incidents, odor control is a considerable phase in recovery and restoration. Our SERVPRO team has an entire inventory of practical deodorization tools and products that lead the industry, and when combined with our extensive experience in fire recovery, improve the speed and success of these odor removal endeavors. Some of these devices we use regularly are:  

-  Hydroxyl Machines – These units can help to reduce or eliminate harsh odors in a compromised environment. Units also work to filter out particulates, debris, dust, and soot circulating in the damaged areas of the property. 

-  Thermal Foggers – While our SERVPRO professionals lean more towards UV foggers for the elimination of lingering smoke odors, thermal fogging is still a powerful tool in our arsenal. These machines are highly portable, helping to address odors throughout the entire property quickly and efficiently. 

If you need our experienced SERVPRO of Central Tallahassee fire restoration specialists or a second opinion on the work you have done for your home, give us a call today at (850) 765-5706.

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