Water Damage Photo Gallery

Floor removal after water damage in Tallahassee home

Tallahassee Technicians Remove Flooring From Residential Water Damage

The water restoration crew gathered to pull flooring from affected rooms after a tallahassee home flooded. Some areas were able to be dried out without removal, but much required demo and removal for safety and further mold potential. 

Hotel Flooding in Tallahassee

Local Hotel Suffers Water Damage

Tallahassee hotel suffers from facility flooding. SERVPRO team brought in to provide water damage restoration services.

water damaged carpeting in home

Water Damage Restoration In Southwood

Once a water damage incident has occurred in your Southwood home, you need to contact the professionals at SERVPRO immediately. Our skilled crew is standing by 24/7 to respond to your dilemma! SERVPRO of Central Tallahassee has the certified personnel, training, advanced equipment, and water damage experience to make it “Like it never even happened.”

water caused damage to ceiling

Water Damage In Tallahassee

When your Tallahassee home experiences significant water damage, you can count on our crew! Our specialists will arrive quickly and begin our restoration process. Using our advanced equipment, we will restore your home to pre-damage condition. SERVPRO of Central Tallahassee is Faster to Any Size Disaster!

water damaged wood flooring

Water Damage In Tallahassee

Call the skilled specialists at SERVPRO for help after a water damage issue. Our technicians are ready 24/7 to respond to your emergency. We are locally owned and operated. SERVPRO of Central Tallahassee has the equipment and training to restore your Tallahassee home to pre-damage condition.

Tile floor in medical office waiting room with SERVPRO equipment drying the floor

Commercial Water Damage - Tallahassee Medical Office

Commercial water damage occurred at this Tallahassee medical office when there was a plumbing failure in the bathroom. Pictured is the waiting room of the medical practice which had standing water all night long. The flooring was tile made to look like wood flooring, so it was not damaged. However, the baseboards absorbed lots of water along with the drywall behind them. SERVPRO of Central Tallahassee could suction up the water and remove the baseboards to allow the drywall to be dried. Often the molding can also be dried and used again.

standing water reflecting off a tile floored hallway

Tallahassee Water Loss in a Condo

This ground floor unit in Tallahassee was soaked from a broken water line that was not discovered for several days. The tile floor was okay with water removal, but the liquid wicked into the walls and some mold growth developed. SERVPRO can gently scrape away the microbial blotches with a small, handheld soda blaster. This pressurized bicarbonate of soda also deodorizes as it abraids the growth.

Water Loss in a Tallahassee Office

The clean water pooling on the commercial-grade carpet in this Tallahassee office suite can benefit from SERVPRO's We're Faster To Any Size Disaster tagline. Our skilled crew can use advanced equipment to suction off the visible water quickly and then set up dehumidifiers to restore standard humidity levels by capturing airborne water vapor. With professional service by a knowledgeable team, the office is back to normal operations the next day, "Like it never even happened."