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First Responder Bowl Leads to Local Efforts

11/18/2021 (Permalink)

December to Remember Local efforts to piggyback national efforts for emergency responders, during the First Responder Bowl, are in the works.

November is full of fine food and good feels, but we are already revving up for a December to remember! SERVPRO is preparing to honor first responders during the holidays over national broadcasting yet again. The honorary tradition launched in 2014 to celebrate police officers, firefighters, EMS workers, correctional officers, search and rescue, dispatchers, security guards, federal agents, border patrol agents and military personnel. The first to arrive at any emergency, these everyday heroes deserve recognition and support, so we are excited be part of doing just that. Nearly two million first responders put their lives at risk, to save the lives of others and ensure wellbeing for all, each and every day. Firefighters, police officers and emergency medical workers embark on risky, selfless tasks for the betterment of communities near and far. The skills acquired, and bravery needed to do so, can't be ignored. EMT's perform basic lifesaving techniques at the scene of accidents and on the way to the hospital or healthcare facility. Firefighters respond to similar scenes including natural disasters and even hazardous waste spills. Walking out of their homes each day, leaving behind loves ones and security, to service strangers is an act of heroism that most can only imagine. The games of the past have tagged on to the essence of the theme with great suspense and excitement. The SERVPRO First Responder Bowl has been concluded by a touchdown or less for the past two years- two games even being decided on a final play! The touch matches and neck-to-neck plays are sure to repeat this year as well. Taking the initiative to a local level, we will be offering gratitude goodies for these most valued community responders. Each week, our local teams will head out into the community to feed, honor and celebrate out local Tallahassee heroes. Taking place in a holiday month full of festivities, we foresee even more participation from local leaders and vendors. Starting December 1st, we will provide lunches, snacks, gifts and more to the local stations and healthcare facilities. If you are a local business seeking to donate contact our team for more info.